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About me...


I was born in Champlain (Quebec) in 1971, a beautiful village in the Mauricie region bordering the majestic St. Lawrence. I graduated from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières in 1993 in Business Administration and then created a landscaping company which I sold a few years later. This important decision marked the beginning of a new era bringing me back to school at the dawn of a new millennium. I finally came back transformed into an accountant, something I would have not imagine 10 years earlier ...


I then moved to the Ottawa area with my young family to start a career in the public service, mainly in finance. Being a dreamer full of imagination, I often questioned myself, wondering each time if I had taken the right path.


This imagination finally led me to create this universe which started one day on the toilet bowl, strange is it not? Who never lingered looking at the ceramic tiles while a primary need was about to be filled in their bathroom ... In my case, I found a fantastic world. It's like the ink stain game, while some see it as a motive, others give it a different meaning. So, you see what style I am.


Maybe this is the beginning of a new adventure by your side ... I hope so with all my heart. Looking forward to make you live beautiful moments.

Patrick De Lachevrotière

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